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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Evidence in Box Bombing Emerges

"McNuckanugget" as seen in this video freeze
Recent terrorist chatter has led to this video, which surfaced in the heightened awareness which resulted in the aftermath of last week's Jack In the Box bombing near San Fransisco's tenderloin district.  The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) is still determining the authenticity of this video, but it appears to be a new group that refers to themselves as McNuckanugget.  "There is no doubt this group is extremely well connected," said Agent Browns during a press conference last night in Washington D.C.  "We are still unsure of their motive and who the front man of the organization is.  Really we cannot stress enough how crucial it is to the investigation to report ANY suspicious clown activity in your areas.  We aren't sure how widespread this organization is, but they do appear to be targeting Jack in the Box locations."

The JTTF was able to hack into McNuckanugget's Facebook account and have hard evidence that they were in fact at the scene of last weeks attack via a "foursquare" posting.

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